La Impre.Do is a construction, design and consulting company specializing in services for the real estate sector and for structures.

Through its Engineers and Architects’ team, the company is able to support its client in planning and management of real estate assets through the following activities: Facility Management, Project Management, Application Facility and Dynamic BIM, Intervention Planning, Implementation, Control, and Closure.

LThe structure is able to effectively support a “Facility and Project Management” service providing high-profile technical services carrying out strategic planning, time scheduling and costs of interventions, implementation and control in a short time and with certifiable results. The services offered cover all the building management aspects from those of maintenance and fitting refurbishment.



IMPREDO avails itself of the innovative and advanced digital hardware and software system which, through dedicated antennas, sensors and distributed actuators, supervises and supports ordinary and strategic decisions, through collection and analysis of heterogeneous and geolocalized data, in real time.


  • Real-time material position
  • Real-time plant status
  • State real-time maintenance
  • Dashboard installations
  • Scheduled events
  • Predictive events
  • Calculation of residual life of plants
  • Advanced access control
  • Interactive layouts
  • Maintenance scheduling optimization
  • Reduction of energy waste
  • Reduction of dangerous events
  • Reduction of intervention times / operating block
  • New services for third parties • Resilience (what-if scenarios)
  • Virtuous interoperability (VirtuosIOT)

For the planning activity of the interventions a careful analysis of the property is carried out in order to establish the interventions to be carried out to improve the spaces according to the needs of the client with the timely drafting of:

Due Diligence – Identification of the real estate: Drafting of technical documentation due diligence for a complete identification of the real estate asset;
Verification and retrieval services for administrative documents: verification and retrieval of existing building titles on the premises of the competent bodies;
Feasibility studies: Town planning technical analysis for building transformation
Constitution and verification of administrative technical data rooms;
Project validation: Verification of the correspondence of the works and their compliance with the current legislation and the executive or definitive project respectively;
Preliminary, definitive and executive design of the interventions: Architectural, plant and structural design activities with drawing up of graphic drawings, technical reports and drafting of the estimated metric calculations. Drafting of special tender specifications indicating the executive procedures and characteristics of the materials to be used;
Obtaining the authorizations: presentation of administrative procedures for the issue of building permits for the execution of the works;
Scheduled maintenance plans with possible intervention priorities: Drafting of a maintenance plan also in DIGITAL, showing all the ordinary (periodic) or extraordinary activities to be carried out on the property for its correct management and for the maintenance in complete efficiency of the plants at service. This analysis, in addition to covering the properly technical aspects, is also carried out on administrative documents in order to verify compliance with the regulatory requirements such as: authorization titles, certifications, periodic checks, etc
Drawings of economic plans and estimates of intervention: drafting of economic estimates for the activities envisaged both by the project and by maintenance plans with particular attention to respecting the client’s budget, assisting the project engineers to our building structure;

Assistance to the choice of the companies: support to the client for the choice of the contractor for the realization of the programmed interventions with the execution of tenders and reconciliation of the offers of every single participating company;
Monitoring, control and coordination of the interventions: weekly meetings and inspections by our technicians during the interventions carried out by specialized companies, in order to verify the activities and monitor the regular execution of the interventions in compliance with the project requirements and contractual times. Preparation of weekly, fortnightly or monthly reports for the client on the progress of activities and on budget compliance;
Accounting in the implementation phase: drafting of progress reports (SAL) and payment certificates (CP);
Intervention activities and emergency service: it is carried out directly by own workers and / or coordinates that intervene on the building both in scheduled (ordinary) and extraordinary maintenance according to need. An emergency service is also guaranteed, which guarantees interventions in minimum time (up to 60 minutes) and at any time (24 hours, day, night and holiday);
Safety coordination during the design and execution phase: the Safety and Coordination Plans are drawn up for the protection of persons or property for any reason involved in the interventions as required by current legislation;
Management of variations during construction: verification of the proposals of variants in progress received by the companies due to unforeseen events that affect the design choices; sharing of variants with the client and possible approval; budget update.

Certification of results: drafting of the end of works reporting and collection of as built, technical data sheets of the materials used and, where necessary, the use and maintenance manuals of the installed systems / equipment. Each intervention is completed with the provision of legal guarantees / certifications;
Testing during construction and technical administration: verification of the works carried out aimed at issuing the test certificate. The testing can also be carried out during the construction of parts of finished works;
Activities of Partisan Technical Consultant (CTP): Management of any litigation both in the execution phase and during the useful life of the building;
Moving management: Planning and control of Moving activities.


Through its Engineers and Architects team, the company is able to support its clients in planning and management of real estate assets.


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