BuildingWith Care

The construction phase is at the center of Impredo's real estate development process, thanks to years of working on construction sites and a passion for details.

Impredo has developed a wealth of knowledge and know-how in the field of construction. The processes that determine the outcome of a good construction site involve technical, organizational, administrative and operational aspects that the company meticulously manages.

Controlling such a crucial phase in the development of real estate products allows investors and stakeholders to minimize contingencies, delays and resource depletion, optimizing real estate asset and profit qualities. And as a result of the expertise gained in the construction phase, Impredo is presently an authoritative and reliable company in the development industry.

The evolving sensitivity in terms of current environmental resources also defines the purchasing behavior of consumers. This evolution also applies to real estate. Energy efficiency and sustainability of materials consumed have become central elements in contemporary construction, as well as the ability to create comfortable spaces tailored to each individual. Impredo considers the quality and durability of consumed materials among the strengths of a real estate project. We build energy efficient, safe and precise buildings to offer end-users the best possible experience. For Impredo, people come first.


Impredo is presently an authoritative and reliable company in the development industry

Impredo operates in all areas of construction, structural, building and plant engineering. Through residential, infrastructural, commercial, office, school and hotel construction: years and various experiences gained on construction sites of the Impredo team allows a perfect and dependable synergy between managers, architects, engineers and workers. And it guarantees its stakeholders a superior quality, reliability and an optimal use of resources.

Compliance with deadlines, a high degree of flexibility and integrated management of the entire construction process are the strengths for which Impredo has been recognized for many years as a solid and reliable partner.