Impredo has chosen to adopt a Code of Ethics as a tool that guarantees its reliability and reputation.

Beyond the basic provisions of the current laws, the company defines, with the document linked below, a set of ethical principles and values that inspires its business practices. These also pertain to the conduct and behavior of those who work within and/or alongside the company, from which compliance is required, in order to pursue the purposes set forth by the company.

Recipients of the Code of Ethics are the company bodies, employees and partners as well as any other natural or legal person to whom the company deems applicable.

The code is divided into 4 macro areas:


Impredo ethicalprinciples


General rules of behavior of recipients


Rules of conduct in relation to stakeholders


Rules of conduct in relation to the use of the company's assets and resources

The Code of Ethics represents not only a point of reference and a guide for all those who collaborate with Impredo, but acts as a tool the company constantly undertakes to exhibit to its stakeholders (employees, partners, suppliers, consultants, etc.), requiring knowledge and respect for the rules contained therein.