Mastri 4.0: The School for New Construction Professionals

Mastri 4.0 is the first professional construction training project capable of fostering inter-institutional collaboration among public schools, professional training, and businesses. In fact, it connects disadvantaged students, mostly migrants, who attend CPIA, or Provincial Centers for Adult Education and Training, with construction companies.

Mastri 4.0, promoted by Impredo and developed by Impredo Academy, is an opportunity for children and young adults to chart their own existential path by learning a trade, entering the workforce and therefore civil society, thus weakening the phenomenon of social inequality. Among the school’s primary goals are the development of construction skills and the rediscovery of the role of “maestri di bottega”, “workshop masters”, that has made Italy great.

A Bridge Between School and work

Mastri 4.0 firmly connects the worlds of school and work, connecting company job offers with job placement applications. The student is actually intercepted while still in the school circuit, which selects and provides them with the first theoretical skills of construction training and development. Mastri 4.0 courses are single-cycle and are activated at the request of businesses in order to provide them with trained and qualified personnel. They are structured in such a way that practical workshops, site visits, and field work account for more than half of the hours.

The Relaunch of Vocational Training

Mastri 4.0 is the first action that Impredo Academy takes to relaunch the vocational training sector, forming ad hoc training courses to create professionalism at all levels of the construction and building industry, with a particular focus on construction site workers. A social initiative capable of directing the life choices of young people who today face an uncertain, precarious, and fragmented future.

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