Real Estate Development

Thanks to an abundant experience in the construction sector, and the analysis and strategy skills in the Asset, Project and Construction Management areas, Impredo manages the entire real estate development process; from identifying an opportunity, to marketing the real estate product, to the design and finally the implementation. Impredo keeps people at the heart of each project, always thinking of those that will make use of the real estate products created.


Impredo identifies the best real estate opportunities on the market thanks to a network of high-profile relationships rooted in the industry. This enables Impredo to recognize these opportunities and the eventual potential for development. Impredo anticipates the needs of investors, supports those needs and prevents any critical issues in the best possible way to ensure a high profitability from the property.


Consultants with high technical and analytical skills, as well as strong interpersonal qualities, form an experienced and multidisciplinary team. Forming a team that is able to guarantee a detailed and organic due diligence in the following fields; technical, construction, urban planning, legal, fiscal, administrative, environmental, economic and commercial. A concrete and timely evaluation of value, potential and any possible critical issues of a real estate product allows Impredo to manage the investments and assets of its stakeholders at an optimal and reliable level.


The use of up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies, such as 3D rendering or BIM, allows the company to follow the design phase with the utmost attention to detail throughout all its phases; from its conception, the concept, to the final realization and execution. This phase harmonizes the process with the needs of partner investors and works toward the full satisfaction of the end user.
Impredo designs energy-efficient, sustainable, real estate products with contemporary and functional touches that have the well-being of people in mind, taking into great consideration the architectural characteristics of the surroundings that host the eventual inhabitants.
Right from the design phase, Impredo fine-tunes and provides all the tools to be able to access any tax assistance available (earthquake bonus, 110% bonus, etc.), improving the profitability of the investment.


Based on many years of experience in construction, Impredo optimizes this process by balancing it with the design phase and ensuring maximum professionalism, quality and flexibility in compliance with estimated costs and deadlines.
Impredo guarantees efficient management, allowing their clients to concentrate their resources on material quality, energy efficiency and safety with a result of increasing the property value and improving peoples’ standard of living.

Asset, Project and Construction Management

Thanks to comprehensive reporting, an ability to anticipate any possible critical issues and a meticulous and coordinated control of deadlines, costs and quality, Impredo guarantees an organic and effective management of the entire process: origination, acquisition, construction and marketing.


Impredo monitors and anticipates market trends as a result of a broad network of experienced agents and brokers. Therefore, it is able to market real estate products it develops in the most efficient and effective way possible.